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If exercising releases dopamine, and the release of dopamine is why we get addicted to things. Why do I hate exercising rather than getting addicted to it.



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Is it possible for a perfectly healthy person to suddenly die of natural causes in their sleep?


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Why does the term “colonizers” almost exclusively refer to white people even though other races/civilizations were expanding long before Europeans?


Could it just be an American thing? Or because it’s more recent/relevant? I’ve taken a lot of history classes in both college and high school and I’ve always wondered why problems created by other groups are rarely acknowledged

Edit: I’d like to add that even in “World History” classes, we only ever focused on the history of Europe and the Middle East, which is extremely frustrating to me.

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Do you take a teenager's opinion less seriously?


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Answered Why do movies and shows romanticize toxic relationships and not healthy ones?


Seriously, what is up with that? I don’t understand how this is a good thing. Sure, I know people will say “it’s just a movie” or “it’s just a show, big deal” but I just think it’s pretty harmful, even for entertainment. More often than not, it gives people the wrong idea of relationships and what they should be like. Why don’t they show more healthy ones? What’s wrong with setting good examples?

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Why would anyone take the bus when it runs infrequently and you get stuck in the same traffic as cars?


I’m aware that it isn’t like this everywhere. But for most of the places I’ve lived in the US, the bus runs super infrequently, and there is no dedicated bus lane so they get caught in the same traffic as cars. Why would anyone ride the bus over driving in this scenario? The US does nothing to incentivize more efficient modes of transport

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Why is there so much negativity and meanness on Reddit?


Every time I see something kind and sweet on Reddit I go to the comments and see a lot of just mean people and horrible comments.

I saw a post about a kid who sewed his father a shirt and then I read some of the comments who just attacked the kids weight as well as his fathers. I’ve seen post of disabled people just living life and see comments from people saying the most vile and disgusting things. Why? How come Reddit is like this?

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Why, in many places, does attempted murder get a lesser sentence than successful murder, when the action taken may be exactly the same?


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Is it safe to breathe in air fresheners? in fabreeze commericals, they drench the air and breathe in deep, I'm just wondering how safe this and other sprays really are.


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Why do people get infinite punishment in hell for finite wrongdoings?


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Answered In statistics like "X% of crimes aren't reported", where does that number come from? How do we estimate that, if they weren't reported?


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Why is life expectancy falling in the United States?


It is quite a disturbing trend and is out of line with other developed countries.

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Answered Why are there 360 degrees in a circle?


Why specifically 360 degrees? Why not 500 or 872?

Furthermore, why hasn't the metric system standardized a circle as 10, 100, or 1000 degrees?

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Organised Crime requires the same amount of intelligence and hard work as any other line of work. Then why do they choose crime over legitimate fields of work?


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With a dwindling younger workforce and longer life expectancy how will the French support a population of old retirees where each person is pretty much chilling for 20+ years?


So France has a population issue. They are having less kids than replacement value and immigration is not enough to make up for it. Essentially the old and retired will someday outnumber the young working population.

On top of this, life expectancy in France is 82 and expected to climb.

How will an ever shrinking working population financially support a growing retired population who lives longer and longer? Isn’t the raising of the retirement age by 2 years a good compromise considering how solid workers rights are in France? 30 days of guaranteed vacations, free healthcare, affordable college, parental leave, and one of the hardest countries to get fired in?

Can someone explain what’s going on and why the two year retirement age raising is such a huge deal?

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Unanswered How long before you don't swap Babies?


Okay so let's say you just had a beautiful baby boy at the hospital, everything is fine but a year later you get a call.

The babies got swapped with someone else, they're not yours and some stranger has your true baby. Do you swap back or keep the one you already have?

What about 5 years? 10? 15?

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Why do appliances like dishwashers, air purifiers, microwaves, fans, etc. all use an obnoxious high pitched beep instead of something more pleasing?


It's so annoying, and even worse at night when you want to turn something on or off if someone is asleep. Why can't there be a better sound or an option for something soothing? I don't need my fan to warn me like a massive truck backing up.

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How did we communicate at first with the Native Americans? How did we ever figure that out?


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Is it normal for friends to joke about you possibly having autism?


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Those who went from minimum wage jobs to high salary jobs, what was the first thing you did financially to build up your finances?


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Unanswered What’s it called when your brain makes you worry about unnecessary things at night?


Your trying to sleep, and in pops your brain like “hey you remember the time you almost fell out of bed, it may happen tonight”.

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why are so many reddit comments automatically minimized, even with positive karma?


i’ve seen this for a while, but it almost seems to be getting more common. many comments with dozens or hundreds of upvotes will be automatically minimized. sometimes whole rows. the comments seem totally innocuous and well received.

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If I found a watch (Rolex) on the sidewalk, do I have the right to keep it or do I have to hand it in to the police?