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u/F-nloveit Mar 26 '23 Gold Wink Wink

Me, getting accused of digital black face:


u/iannmichael Mar 27 '23

This fucking made my shitty night a little bit better. 😂😂😂💀

Thank you

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u/-_-Batman Mar 27 '23

Ain't nobody got time for that

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u/BuckyFnBadger Mar 26 '23


u/TylerNY315_ Mar 26 '23

You’re not an NBA player. This is appropriation.


u/CyberMindGrrl Mar 27 '23

Yes this is a flagrant example of... basketball face.

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u/IAmTaka_VG Mar 26 '23

This is the one I came for. Few people can really show the level of sass that harden does.


u/drunk98 Mar 27 '23

Only Harden, my boss when I ask for more money, & every teenage girl ever can do that.


u/FishyBricky Mar 27 '23

That’s the same look the TSA agent does when he finds that giant dildo in that chick’s luggage (friend filming planted it as a joke).

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u/TheRealCabbageJack Mar 26 '23


u/Nicolasgonzo87 Mar 26 '23 Giggle

im starting to think you're not really steve harvey


u/spikesparx Mar 26 '23

Imagine using your own fucking selfie as a reaction image


u/dreamwinder Mar 27 '23

Steve Harvey is absolutely the kind of person who would reply with a Steve Harvey gif.

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u/[deleted] Mar 26 '23

[removed] — view removed comment


u/FalconBiggums Mar 26 '23 Helpful

I am a black man and you are under arrest


u/iannmichael Mar 27 '23

Excuse me sir, you’re under arrest for Digital blue face.

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u/paramariohuana Mar 26 '23 Gold Helpful All-Seeing Upvote Got the W Table Slap Brighten My Day


u/ezioauditore00789 Mar 26 '23 'MURICA

CNN : Why our ratings are bad

Also CNN :


u/[deleted] Mar 26 '23 Silver Gold Table Slap



u/boo1177 Mar 26 '23

Half of my brain laughs at the joke. The other half screams WAS AND WERE ARE NOT PRONOUNS!

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u/POPCOIN5 Mar 26 '23

Ain’t nobody got time for that


u/Sean_Dewhirst Mar 26 '23 Table Slap

Sorry, but quoting a person of color means that you just committed verbal blackface.


u/emgee007 Mar 26 '23

If you're commenting then it would be written blackface


u/Troofbetold2592 Mar 26 '23

If you are reading then you are perpetuating the cycle of blackface.


u/MisterOneY Mar 26 '23

I only use dark mode...

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u/3mperorPalpaMeme Mar 26 '23

Did you seriously just commit secondhand blackface??

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u/YchYFi Mar 26 '23

Americans are something else!

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u/DueComplaint5471 Mar 26 '23

Dear god were all racists 😱

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u/Agronut420 Mar 26 '23

As a person of color let me say that I am SO SICK of this kind of bullshit, can anyone do anything without offending someone else and if so, how? And, what does that mean for free speech?

I’m very offended when people go out of their way not to be offensive to others…how will THAT work out??


u/JGCities Mar 26 '23

Thank you.

It would be bad if people were making fun of the person or something, but no one posts "Aint nobody got time for that" to make fun of her (I hope) but to express agreement with her...


u/magicpenny Mar 26 '23

I love the honesty of Sweet Brown in this clip. I also love that she was able to make a little profit off her 15 minutes of fame.

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u/Thats_what_im_saiyan Mar 26 '23

Lets remember this is probably something like 3 people commented on in a blog somewhere. And because we've got 32 news networks going 24/7. Someone found this and is reporting on it like its an actual thing.

My kid freaks out about shit all the time 'theyre cancelling nightmare before xmas cause jack says queer in it!!'. No they arent, someone wanted to go viral so they said some ridiculous shit. Knowing all the reaction tiktokers would scoop it up and run with it. Shit they prolly planned it out. If you're a nobody and someone says 'hey say this stupid ass shit so I can react to it'. Lotta people will jump at the chance to be a somebody.

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u/skymoods Mar 26 '23

next they're gunna say you can't choose a different skin color for video game characters


u/BENDOWANDS Mar 26 '23

But you're obviously racist if you choose your own skin color because then you're not supporting another skin color.


u/Ferrarisimo Mar 27 '23

Damn. Out here being racist just by existing.


u/Nigel_11 Mar 27 '23

No, just by having skin


u/Quelcris_Falconer13 Mar 27 '23

No you’re racist for existing *with the wrong color * of skin.

Like there is a segment of the population on both sides of this debate who genuinely believe that anyone of a different race existing is an actual affront to their own existence

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u/NoelAngeline Mar 27 '23

My kid was actually chewed out by their sibling (at dads house) for choosing a character with a skin color that was not their own. They got told they were being racist for “pretending they were a different race through a video game.”

They were picking skin tones in Splatoon. They happened to like a particular inkling that didn’t look exactly like them

I had to have a talk with my kid about it being fine.


u/hanimal16 Mar 27 '23

You mean the game in which you play a squid or octopus who can hold a paint gun and shoot things?

Skin color is the furthest thing from my mind when my son tells me about this game lol

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u/GreaseCrow Mar 27 '23

That's wild.

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u/CharisAnthos Mar 27 '23

In Sims groups people do get salty when people make characters of different races… which confuses me because a world without diversity feels inherently more racist.

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u/poorfruit Mar 26 '23

But actually. I had to leave a local Mom's group because this became a huge debate and the admins were banning people who were caught using gifs of black people when they were white.

I just didn't have time for that nonsense and left but jeez the comments we DIVIDED y'all I was so flabbergasted and confused.


u/can_of_beans12 Mar 26 '23 edited Mar 27 '23 Gold Platinum All-Seeing Upvote Faith In Humanity Restored Narwhal Salute Helpful (Pro)

I’m black. I promise you this is not an issue we have. It’s a white knight thing.

Edit: having to repeat myself over and over again is annoying. Just because there are w tiny minority of black folks who do think this does not make this a black issue. Stop replying to my comment saying “w-w-well [insert black person] thinks this!” There are 8 billion people on this planet. Hundreds of millions - billions of those people are black. If you look hard enough you can find anyone anywhere who believes anything, that includes black people who think it’s digital black face. The amount who think this isn’t significant enough to represent the black community. The reason why it’s still white knighting is because it is white people attempting to speak for the majority of the black community. It’s white knighting. Have a fantastic day


u/DrBMedicineWoman Mar 26 '23 Gold Platinum

Agreed. There are so many other issues I would love to see fixed first like education access, the way kids are disciplined in school, equal access to housing and healthcare. How about addressing wages for the working and middle class. Or can we address the skyrocketing cost of housing or food. So many more important things than memes.


u/SkateRidiculous Mar 26 '23 Eureka!

The only people espousing this bullshit are virtue signalers and people who want to muddy the waters for actual worthwhile discussion


u/xupaxupar Mar 27 '23

Same Virtue signalers who make sure they don’t buy a house in a minority dominated school district

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u/acathode Mar 26 '23

It's a virtue signaling thing.

Yes, I know "virtue signaling" is an extremely overused term - but it's also very real thing that happens in any ideological grouping that makes claims on being morally superior - and you can see the same behavior all the time in for example deeply religious groups.

Obsessing about bullshit, non-issue stuff like this is a way to show how much more ideologically pure and more moral you are than others in the same group. The fact that it's trivial and insignificant is a feature, not a bug, because it shows that you're more ideologically convicted than others - precisely because you unlike the others are so devout you're even caring about this small insignificant bullshit. It's how you get things like Sabbath elevators and Sabbath lamps - the more and more ridiculous stuff you start caring about - the more time, energy and resources you spend on insignificant issues - the more you show how extremely devout to the cause you are.

Put simply, caring about bullshit is a way to be "holier than thou" - and the psychology behind it works just as well in secular moral belief systems as it does in old religious groups.

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u/_GypsyCurse_ 'MURICA Mar 26 '23

Instead of CNN being outraged about cops abusing people of color, they’re outraged about white people using gifs that are not with white people.. … it’s like we are in a parody timeline, it’s ridiculous

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u/zjm555 Mar 26 '23

Holy shit, white and black people are now supposed to have completely separate emotions and reactions? How far backwards are we going to go?


u/Butwinsky Mar 26 '23

Separating blacks and whites... this sounds familiar.


u/SuperSoftAbby Mar 26 '23

My grey ass is about to be illegal again I bet

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u/Polymemnetic Mar 26 '23

Segregation is good, actually.


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u/GuitarCFD Mar 26 '23

How many mom’s in that group weren’t white?


u/Gainzy Mar 26 '23

I guarantee the admins were white.


u/PandaEatPizza Mar 26 '23

Usually the only ones who start this are white and anyone else doesn’t give a shit.

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u/Michael_konadu_69 Mar 26 '23

As a black person why tf are people turning over logs looking for things to be offended about Use whatever gif you want literally no one cares


u/NewlyHatchedGamer Mar 26 '23

Because nobody actually thinks this. Its common outrage bait that only corporations post about to distract from real issues and let reactionaries go “Oh they just wanna be oppressed so badly”

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u/Craetions Mar 26 '23

People running out of s*** to be outraged about


u/IronFizt777 Mar 26 '23

Ain't nobody outraged about digital blackface, CNN is just trying to convince you that they are and apparently it's working


u/PrimaryAdjunct Mar 26 '23

Three people on Twitter say it, so that must be the popular opinion of the world.

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u/pokemaninthemirror Mar 26 '23 All-Seeing Upvote Starry Ally

It’s Almost like mainstream media plays off each other to create content for selective outrage. It’s a fun grift when you know it’s all grift to stir division amongst classes.


u/DinnerFew9941 Mar 26 '23

This needs to be more common knowledge, divide and conquer is what they are all playing at.

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u/V44_ Mar 26 '23

Truth! More divisive means more followers which means more advertisers which means more money.

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u/No-Tomatillo-9873 Mar 26 '23

"digital blackface" was invented 5 years ago and got instantly ridiculed by everyone. No one mentioned that til then


u/Unsteady_Tempo Mar 26 '23 edited Mar 27 '23

This 2023 CNN article is based on three sources. Primarily, a 2017 Teen Vogue article written by a PhD student (now professor at Northwestern). There's mention of a 2019 undergrad paper on the topic, and it finishes with quotes from a 2020 blog post by a white woman apologizing for participating in digital blackface. The only current reporting/interviews for the CNN article was with the blogger.

Here's the Teen Vogue article:


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u/altmorty Mar 26 '23

More like the corporate media distracting people from more important news.


u/Qu33N_Of_NoObz_ Mar 26 '23

Exactly bc I never heard of a single black person being mad over this. People can use whatever gif they want to express their reactions lol.

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u/Quality-Shakes Mar 26 '23

Amen. This is journalistic laziness.

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u/Elhiar Mar 26 '23

Nah that's the thing. There's absolutely no shortage of things to be outraged about, but articles like this makes us focus on shit that ain't important.

And it's working on you, instead of being focused on actual issues you are being outraged about the "people" supposedly outraged about digital blackface.

The culture Wars are manufactured and they only benefit the rich.

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u/Conan776 Mar 26 '23

I suppose we could try veing outraged about the war in Yemen?

Hah, just kidding. Imagine being mad about brown people dying when there's serious stuff like internet memes to worry about. /s


u/lesnibubak Mar 26 '23

Maybe that Ohio train disaster? Poisoning rivers in the area and stuff

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u/fthigffhoogdgkokhg Mar 26 '23

Oh no, I did digital blackface!


u/MountHushmore Mar 26 '23


u/InevitablePersimmon6 Mar 26 '23

God I use this gif all the time. It’s how my soul always feels

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u/Flat_Bodybuilder_175 Mar 26 '23 edited Mar 26 '23 All-Seeing Upvote hehehehe

I'm black and am wholeheartedly assuming this was not said by a black person. There's no fucking way.

Edit: fuck my shit right up


u/catz_kant_danse Mar 27 '23

Wouldn’t it be worse of me (as a white guy) to find the right gif to express what I’m feeling and then not use it because the person is black??


u/AussieHyena Mar 27 '23

Schrodinger's racism?


u/Flat_Bodybuilder_175 Mar 27 '23

Bro my stomach is hurting from how hard I laughed

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u/solsangraal Mar 27 '23

are we still allowed to quote black people? do i need a permission slip to say "thanks, obama"?

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u/Unsteady_Tempo Mar 26 '23 edited Mar 27 '23


The author of this 2023 CNN article (a black man) dug up a 2017 Teen Vogue op-ed written by English professor and cultural critic Lauren Jackson (a black woman) when she was a grad student at University of Chicago. That op-ed is heavily cited throughout the CNN article.

CNN article:


2017 Teen Vogue article:


Her website lists articles she's written. It doesn't include this one.


Dr. Jackson's faculty profile and photo:



u/arcedup Mar 26 '23 Heartwarming

I’m sorry Ms Jackson?


u/One_pop_each Mar 26 '23

I’m sorry, this is digital blackface if you recite lyrics from a black artist’s song



u/Cheerful_Zucchini Mar 27 '23



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u/Hardwarestore_Senpai Mar 26 '23

Didn't mean to make your daughter cry.


u/enneh_07 Mar 26 '23

I apologize


u/Unc1eD3ath Mar 26 '23

d a trillion times


u/ManfredsJuicedBalls Mar 26 '23

I’m sorry Ms. Jackson


u/Zrd5003 Mar 26 '23



u/bl1y Mar 27 '23

I am four eels.


u/moreisay Mar 27 '23

Never meant to make your daughter cry/ I am several fish and not a guy

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u/headlesshighlander Mar 26 '23

To be fair, black people like money too and this shit is selling

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u/Fyvesyx Mar 27 '23

As a black man, this thing better die on the vine. The next thing that will happen is the complaint that no memes/gifs of black people getting posted, lack of representation or something else equally stupid. Don't feed the trolls.

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u/TheTripEngineer Mar 26 '23

Memes are cancelled. Pack it up.

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u/MoneyBaggSosa Mar 26 '23

So as a black person am I guilty for using white people memes? Wtf is this shit 😂😂

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u/timecamper Mar 26 '23

Me on my way to commit digital blackface:

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u/d2ark73 Mar 26 '23

As a black guy from the UK please stfu please


u/BrilliantFrosty7965 Mar 27 '23

Be quiet gov’na!

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u/morcaak3000 Mar 26 '23

I am ready for the title next year: White supremacists are not using gifs with black people

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u/its_easybro Mar 26 '23

I guess I'm racist now

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u/Tullzterr Mar 26 '23

Dave chappelle


u/[deleted] Mar 26 '23

Activist "journalists" jonesing for another way to call people racist:

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u/GobsmackedOnLife Mar 26 '23

Oooooooooo weeeeeeeeeee

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u/AloneAddiction Mar 26 '23 edited Mar 26 '23

That expression when you read that trying to sympathise with black people is actually racist:

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u/RavenWingedDragon Mar 27 '23

I dunno ... "This gif is PERFECT, but I'm not going to use it because it's a black person" sounds awfully racist to me...

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u/[deleted] Mar 26 '23


u/TheWingedArmadillo Mar 26 '23

Why is there always someone like this?

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u/PrankstonHughes Mar 26 '23

Nah that doesn't matter to black people. Like no black people. Typically don't have time for made up bs problems when dealing with so many real issues.

Maybe after the unarmed shooting shit is fixed....then the meme thing will take the forefront...

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u/subsailor1968 Mar 26 '23


I remember reposting Sweet Brown, had nothing to do with with race. I thought she was funny and…sweet. Would love to have her as a neighbor.

This whole “digital blackface” thing…ain’t nobody got time for that!


u/Tight_Fold_2606 Mar 26 '23

Been black since 84 and virtually none of us care about gifs that much. It’s the AAVE blaccents that bug a lot of us


u/aBlackTrain Mar 27 '23

What were you in 83?

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u/Fineillcrackon Mar 26 '23

I’m so offended guys…

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u/BassGuitarPlayer_1 Mar 26 '23

"Ain't. N O B O D Y.


T I M E...


T H A T !!"

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