r/terriblefacebookmemes Dec 13 '22

Rules update: Titles must object to the content of the post and no mentioning social media platforms Mod Post

Basically, no more titles like "title" or "An interesting title". The title must object to the content. Why? If you don't, it confuses Reddit admins and users which doesn't end well.

As for no mentioning social media platforms, this is here because Reddit might think we are trying to brigade them
PS: Subreddits also are forbidden by this rule
PPS: No screenshots of posts either unless it's part of the meme. Just the meme itself



u/El_dorado_au Dec 13 '22

I’m glad that some quality control is going on.


u/DevForFun150 Feb 20 '23

Is it, though?


u/Metatarsal6969 Dec 14 '22

The name of the sub itself mentions a social media platform.


u/Bedu009 Dec 14 '22

Well we can't exactly change it


u/kryptoid256_ Dec 13 '22

a comment deserving of upvotes


u/CaseyGamer64YT Jan 13 '23

so no mentioning social media will mean we will just become r/terriblememes


u/Bedu009 Jan 13 '23

The only requirement is that ya don't say things like "I found this on twitter" or "Found on r/memes"


u/Drawsome_Drawer Mar 14 '23

I mean if it was on Twitter it would probably be obvious


u/Austaph Feb 15 '23

This sub started as weird minions memes and cheesy awkward stuff but now it’s just blatant racism, sexism, incendiary politics, transphobia, bigotry, and on and on.

This policy isn’t going to help no matter how loud you cry satire. Can’t wait until this cesspool gets wiped from Reddit.


u/Affectionate_Pea8891 Mar 11 '23

Lots of these memes contain “isms” and/or political extremes because memes from racists/bigots/extreme politics (right or left)/sexists/etc are always ridiculous and low-effort. The people who create the worst memes inhabit the cesspool, not the Reddit sub that makes fun of them.

A terrible meme is a terrible meme regardless of the content. Awkward Minion memes fit the requirements as well as one of a woman kissing a man’s feet.


u/Austaph Mar 12 '23

I don’t buy that thinly veiled bullshit.

r/terriblefacebookmemes is r/candidfashionpolice for bigotry and hatred with a peppering of awkward social media memes.


u/Affectionate_Pea8891 Mar 12 '23 edited Mar 13 '23

You can call my genuine opinion whatever you’d like; how you view it and whether or not you “buy” it changes nothing


u/Timo6506 Mar 13 '23

I preferred when this sub was actually for terrible Facebook memes tbh. Now most of it is just shitty memes from Reddit that I can easily see even on my homepage.


u/ishouldntbehere96 Dec 28 '22

Do memes have to be from Facebook directly? Can they be from Reddit? As long as I don’t say “this is from reddit” or it’s subreddit.


u/Bedu009 Dec 28 '22

They don't have to be from Facebook

Just don't say something like "Found this on r/funnymemes" or smth


u/DevForFun150 Feb 10 '23

So this just straight up does not get enforced?


u/Bystander5432 Feb 16 '23

Does anyone no where people even find theses memes?


u/Bedu009 Feb 17 '23

Take a guess


u/InternationalFlow825 Feb 25 '23

But why do posts from this sub keep showing up in my feed, and are shitting on white people especially? WHY would reddit advertise that?


u/Affectionate_Pea8891 Mar 11 '23

If a meme that shits on white people gets posted on here, it’s not the sub shitting on white peoples- it’s the crappy meme we’re supposed to make fun of.


u/Bedu009 Feb 25 '23

Because I turned on show up in feeds lol

Anyway as for the mostly white thing... I'll have to get back to you on that


u/ponpon1234 Mar 02 '23

anyone know the link of the transformer and the pregnant women standing in front?


u/jSiriusXM Mar 18 '23

Please tell me the example?


u/No-Run-6137 Mar 18 '23

What if a meme isn’t from Facebook but it’s in the same vein as a terrible Facebook meme. Is there a different sub for that?


u/Bedu009 Mar 18 '23

Yes, this one
Just don't say where ya found it or screenshot the page